Sleeping Dogs for xbox360 - a description of the game and my opinion

January 16, 2014, 8:57 am by: natalie


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Sleeping Dogs for xbox360 - a description of the game and my opinion
In Sleeping Dogs as an officer
Police working undercover
get to Hong Kong, where our
task is to dismantle one of the
mafia organizations belonging to
Triad. Observe the action of
third-person perspective (TPP), and
the game is full of spectacular chase
and shootings inspired
sensational Asian cinema.
In this game you control officer Wei. Wei joins a gang, headed by Watson. The second gang belongs to Psiooki. There has been an extraordinary rivalry between them, but you can see that people are completely Watson better and he ruled in almost all Honkongu. From three days I play Sleeping dogs and I am delighted this game! Great storyline and action! Most of the fighting takes place without guns, but they met Wei uses martial arts in his youth, but now wish to train new ones. The game is great! Very similar to GTA, but the story in Sleeping Dogs seems to me to be interesting.

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