Dance Central 2 - game on xbox 360 kinect - my opinion

February 23, 2014, 7:05 pm by: natalie


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Dance Central 2 - game on xbox 360 kinect - my opinion
The game in which dance, collect stars as points, we learn the systems, we dance in the rhythm of the music. This game can serve entertainment, but also to exercise, because we have the option facility. The fitness options have different modes. Or simply turn it on to naliczaBy the calories burned. From this it can be deduced that one song three minutes = 10 kcal. We can pass the challenge team, making it more interesting. Generally speaking, the game is great, some systems are quite simple (you can choose the level of difficulty). It is one of two dance games that I like. The only downside is the lack of opportunities to play with someone online. RATING: 9/10

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