What are some good headphones? - My opinion

January 6, 2014, 11:00 pm by: natalie


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What are some good headphones? - My opinion
If you need a headset to the phone is the best phone makers are. They keep for a long time, the music can be heard very well. We are talking about Samsung headphones. Samsung have one and a half year. However, by this time I had many occasions to use headphones. At the very beginning there have owned the original Samsung headphones, so I used the headphones Creative (bought were to mp4). Held for six months. Then I messed up, but I bought some unknown company. After a month has turned sour and again I bought an unknown company. I made the same mistake. After some time I got a gift headphones specifically for my phone! I'm using them already about six months and I am glad that I have them! They work very well! Surely you can find better headphones, but much more expensive.

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