Boeing 737-800

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Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737 is the most popular passenger plane in the world, mainly used by low-cost airlines that want to save on costs. this aircraft can take 189 people. I like this plane because it is very easy to handle costs only 60 million is very little for a jet plane. you can fly it on medium or short distances

Why I love this plane ?

 There are several reasons why I think this plane is very good First I flew it 2 times in real life and it did not cause me problems was very pleasant calm no turbulence the same x-plane 11 plane never jams I mean of course the computer is very pleasant in flying, no telepiece is good textures that never cause me Anxiety such that I could, for example, be kicked out of the game.

How much cost the Boeing 737 plane - is it expensive ?

 This is a basic plane in the game x Plane 11, unfortunately, unfortunately, Ryanair's painting is available on the x-plane forum

Are there any additions to this plane

Yes it is even modified Boeing 737 800 x has a tablet and other cool gadgets that do not make it easier but improve the stability of the flight. such as for example another autopilot in a newer version, unfortunately this autopilot has already caused two disasters in 2018 and 19 first catastrophe To Lion Air and the second catastrophe To Ethiopian air.

Is it easy to take off by 737

 Of course, that it is very easy to take off by plane, by pulling the throttle levers to the maximum, set the flaps to 15 and start, of course, you must remember to pull the parking brake. We will not fly then.

Is it easy it is to fly a plane x Plane 11 ?

 I recommend you buy a joystick as I bought it and I'm happy with the purchase I bought a thrustmaster t16000m joystick to buy Logitech 3D Pro joystick because it is very poor quality and quickly fall into the joystick you can also buy throttle and pedals that facilitate the control of the plane.

What routes do I usually fly ?

 I flew on the routes East Midlands Amsterdam Warsaw Wroclaw and the like
 these are medium length or short routes. I do not like to fly on long routes Because they are time-consuming and the plane can not take so much fuel for long routes I recommend flying the Airbus A380 or Boeing 747.

How I rate this plane ?

 I rate this plane for 10 out of 10 because it is a very good plane for medium or short distances.

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