Airbus A380 best plane for flight ?

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Airbus A380 best plane for flight ?
Airbus A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world is able to take on board almost 800 people, I like the airplane because it is large has a long range and has a nice hull shape I can really recommend this plane for flying Anyone who knows how to fly will certainly be happy and happy.

Why I like Airbus so much ?

I like it very much because it does really good solid airplanes, it's supposedly constructing a new plane, but we'll find out what it will be like in 2020 So why bastien does such good aircraft as Boeing because Boeing has more money maybe Airbus seems to be a richer company because everyone believes that when the fish made the largest airplane in the world, it is rich, he did not lose much money on this project, that is why the A380 project will be withdrawn from production in 2021 but it will continue to fly.

Did I fly A380 ? - the pilot reveals

Actually not but I would like to fly this very large plane, the ticket costs a lot and I do not know where I could go to Dubai I do not want anywhere else where I could fly this plane on holiday I only flew 737 because it was too close to such a large plane would be It's unprofitable for an airline.

What air line is presented on the picture ?

 This is the line Etihad Airlines line from the United Arab Emirates has very good planes such as the Boeing 777 Airbus a350 Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the like.
 the line likes to boast of its planes if I was the boss of this company, I would boast of airplanes because they are really very good planes that cost a lot of money and nobody would want them to be destroyed. That would be the biggest loss for the airline and it would even lead to a new bankruptcy of the company.

Is the A380 a good plane ?

 I can answer this question in a word yes In my opinion it is very best plane in the world has good engines big hull I never have a disaster except incidents it is very modern comfortable and safe plane in my opinion should never have a catastrophe disaster Airbus A380 would be the biggest catastrophe in History of Aviation.

What was the biggest catastrophe in the history of Aviation ?

It was a disaster in Tenerife When two Jumbo Jet lines KLM and Pan Am where more than 500 people were killed, this was the biggest disaster in the history of passenger aviation. this catastrophe was caused by a KLM pilot error.

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