Fight over the New York boeing 747

April 10, 2019, 12:00 am by: plane


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Fight over the New York boeing 747
The airplane presented in the picture is a Boeing 747 Lufthansa line is the second largest passenger plane in the world after the Airbus A380 I was flying over New York at 13:00 on the x-plane 11 simulator I took off from the JFK airport in New York.

Very large airport can accommodate a large number of aircraft during a stopover I noticed that next to me there are two planes Boeing 777 American Airlines and Airbus a350 British Airways farther from me stood the same plane that I was flying, or Boeing 747 Lufthansa probably refueled by plane was really big I had fun flying this plane to the airport in Canada

Is it easy to land in such a large plane?

Of course there is a difficulty in landing compared to smaller machines because the plane is more stretched to the waist it is very risky when you have a lot of fuel in tanks It can lead to the ignition of fuel and the explosion of an aircraft

How much does a plane cost in x Plane 11?

As in the case of a Boeing 737 it is a basic aircraft, we get it right away when you buy a painting game Lufthansa also downloaded on the site X-plane forum

Is Boeing 747 a fast plane?

It moves at the same speed as the Boeing 737 may be slightly larger

The version of the plane in which I flew This is a version 400 one of the most modern version of the Boeing 747 so-called Jambosgete after Boeing 747 8 it is one of the newer version, unfortunately I do not have it in my collection of planes but it should soon change The plane is comparable in size to the Boeing 777 ma only an elongated deck.
 supposedly it is about to fall short as the A380 whose production will end in 2020, I am very sorry but this plane will continue to fly and parts will be produced for it. I hope that the air traffic will change by then, so that the passenger is almost never filled up the end is simply unintentional.

 what I think about this plane

 I think it is worth recommending because it really has a well-optimized computer system that almost never jams is a very large plane, although it seems very large is very easy to use its graphics in x play is not really cool, there are no empty textures and in the toilet is already sitting Very nice gentleman, I do not know why they gave a guest on the toilet but it's probably the creators of this game wanted people who walked on board the plane to meet this master is very funny.

 Would I like 747 to fall down?
 of course not because it is a very good plane that almost should never be out of use

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