Boss RC-505 Loop station - Roland looper

August 21, 2020, 9:49 am by: sigmaart


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Boss RC-505 Loop station - Roland looper
This is my latest purchase - a Loop station from Boss / Roland company.
Boss RC-505 Loop station is great device for musicians and beat boxers.

This device is great at providing you with a steady rhythm when you play a beatbox, but you can even use it for jamming out with a beatbox.

You will also notice that the RC-505 is not cheap. It's a lot of work to make it but if it wasn't the cost would have been far less, but you will save some money by doing this.
Now, let's look at the build instructions for the RC-505 Loop station.

This is the manual for the RC-505 Loop station. The instruction is detailed and it's very well documented. It will take you a good 15 minutes to complete.

The RC-505 Loop Station is easy to make and there are two components I like to see that I'm not sure if I should include or not.
One, I think the loop station would be even better if it had a stop switch. You would be able to change the loop station to a loop where you have a stop switch.
One, you would be able to change the loop station to a loop in a loop station. This would be useful if you have a song that you like to loop and you want to loop it in a loop station instead of a loop station.
The second component is that the loop station must have a tone knob and a loop switch as well. A tone knob controls the level of your loop and a switch turns it on and off.
I think that these two components would be more beneficial for the beatboxers. The tone knob and the loop switch would give a nice little bit of control to your beatbox as well. If you use the tone knob it is easy to hear how loud your music is.

The Loop Station has three modes that you can change through. The first mode is the loop mode which is great because there is an additional button that you press to change the loop mode. The second mode is a looping mode.

Both of these modes are useful to use. If you have a beatbox that has two tracks on each track you can go to this mode and choose your beatbox and then choose another beatbox or song. You can also go back to this mode and choose another beatbox or song. This looping mode allows you to loop a beat for up to two tracks at the same time.

I think that these two settings would be very useful for your beatbox because you are only using one track at a time, but if you are using two tracks it would also be very helpful to your beatbox. You would not feel limited to only having two tracks and you would not be limited to one track. You would be able to select another track and still make beats while looping.

I hope this gives a little idea on how to make your own beatbox and loop station. If you would like more detailed instructions, check out the manual at this link.

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