Mitsubishi Pajero - true old school 4x4 offroad car

November 12, 2020, 9:48 am by: sigmaart


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Mitsubishi Pajero - true old school 4x4 offroad car
A real off-road car will enter where new SUVs can only dream of.
The second-generation Mitsubishi Pajero is a dying line of cars that did not fear the terrain and did not pretend to do anything. A real steel frame with high load capacity, a rigid rear axle, a reducer, differential locks - center and rear axle - what is needed in today's cars.
Electronics cannot replace the conscious driver and mechanical locks.

Unfortunately next generation of Pajero was much more civil SUVs than old-school heavy duty trucks.

The third-generation Mitsubishi Pajero was not designed with the road in mind. The new Pajero, though, makes a great street car because of its compact, high capacity and low-riding-power design. And what's even more impressive is that it is built around a new design approach.

I like that Mitsubishi Pajero has a very clean, simple and clean looking look. We have an idea - it is to have a good, easy driving feel.

The fourth-generation Mitsubishi Pijama is an evolution of the original Pijama, and it makes a lot of sense, too. The new generation's look and feel is like a new car; it is a car made in a very short time.

You need more than a new design strategy for a good car. I am looking for an idea-in-a-car.

The fifth-generation Mitsubishi X-Bow was introduced in 2008 and it is a completely different car. It is a very clean look, and it is quite capable in a race.

When I first came to Japan, I was impressed by the cars and I could not wait to do a lap in one. Then I came to America for the first time and all I see there is an old car with a lot of rust, but it's a very clean look, the driver has everything that we demand in a car in the United States.

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