San Francisco in California

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San Francisco in California
Population: 852 469 (2014)
San Francisco is a city and county in the state of California in the United States, located on a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west, San Francisco Bay in the east and the Golden Gate in the north. The fourth largest city in California and thirteenth in the nation [6]. Eighth city in the United States in terms of population density [7]. San Francisco is part of the San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan area, which has a population of more than 7.2 million.

The history of San Francisco goes back to 1776, when the Spanish colonizers of North America, led by Juan Bautista de Anza, settled at the edge of the peninsula, setting up a fort and mission of St. Francis of Assisi. San Francisco and California later belonged to Mexico, after gaining independence from Spain, and then incorporated into the United States. The city experienced significant acceleration in 1848 during the brief Californian gold rush, making it the largest city on the American West Coast. In 1906 San Francisco was largely destroyed during the earthquake and fires that were the result. After the cataclysm was quickly rebuilt, nine years later hosting the Panamico-Pacific International Exhibition. During World War II, San Francisco was an expedition for thousands of Pacific fighters and an important shipping port for the ocean fleet. In the post-war years, thousands of immigrants and former soldiers flocked to the city, which coincided with the rapid development of the area.

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