Mitsubishi Pajero

April 12, 2019, 7:23 pm by: sigmaart


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Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero II Long

Legendary Pajero II in the long version which was the last roadster of this Japanese manufacturer.

The next generations of the model have unfortunately had a reduced frame for a new type of chassis.

The advantages of this version include:

  • Full frame
  • Hydraulically steering the suspension
  • Comfortable seats
  • A large luggage space
  • Big power of 205 HP 3.5 V6 engine
  • Gear Reducer
  • Super select 4WD drive

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~bors said at April 24, 2019, 8:40 am :

Absolutely fantastic piece of power ! Wish to have this legend of offroad someday

~sales said at April 13, 2019, 5:53 pm :

This is great car - legendary construction and Dakar race won serveral times

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