Is the Airbus a310 good for emergency landing

April 13, 2019, 5:47 pm by: plane


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Is the Airbus a310 good for emergency landing
I recently watched the Airbus a310 on the water had an ignited engine landing it was not very difficult but you had to maneuver.

Are such landings difficult


I did it the first time, I just had to repeat the recording because it was of poor quality, for me the Airbus a310 is very good for emergency landings

What systems does Airbus a310 have


  this Airbus has weaker autopilot than other planes because it is an older plane
This airbus is available in models
A310 200
A310 200c
A310 300
  a310 300C
A310 zero c

Where can you get a310 to X Plane 11


  you can download it on the page x-plane forum occurs in the variance of color lines
  Iberia One World

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