Daikin MC70L VM Air Purifier best way to avoid pollen allergy

August 30, 2020, 10:41 am by: lucycox


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Daikin MC70L VM Air Purifier best way to avoid pollen allergy
On of our child has a problem with pollen allergy so we decided to find a device that help to clean the air in his room.
In general air purifiers are types of devices that could help you with pollen allergy, ozone the air and remove odors.
Air purifier with anti-pollen feature is great product for allergic children. If your child has pollen allergy you make it feeling better thanks to this air purifier device.
We have done some research in the internet and contact some other users that are very happy with this Daikin MC 70L model so we are publishing their honest reviews below.

I don't remember it being that expensive when I first tried it, but it has cost a bit for a good product, but it's a must have for kids as soon as I had the device.

My children, 5 and 6 years old can breathe better. If I could only have one of these devices for them, I would recommend this to the whole family. Thank you!

I ordered from the store in my area a few weeks ago and I've never ordered from them before. Very happy! The products are very easy to use. The only thing that I wish I had done differently is buy a more flexible cord if you have children. The only way to make it flexible is to buy a larger one because the product isn't very flexible. I would recommend getting this product before going to the store.

My daughter just started kindergarten and she has allergies to peanuts, wheat, shellfish and tree nuts. After using my filter it has made no difference for her. I'm just happy to find an effective device that I can use to try to reduce the allergens for her.

My son has asthma and is allergic to tree nuts. He has had many allergies but I've only had one so far and has been allergic to tree nuts since my son was 3. Since we haven't had a major allergies we have been able to keep this out of his eyesight and his breathing. He is very allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. We tried several different products but they didn't help. Then we used this product and he is doing extremely well for it. He has asthma and it takes up almost as much room around his lungs as a full house does and he is doing extremely well with it. Since I've been using this product I've been able to stop him from sniffing out nuts from trees that were close to his face while in kindergarten. Now his asthma is better controlled. This is a great product with a price point lower than other brands. We will definitely order another one so that I can get even more relief!

I'm so happy! My 6 week old daughter loves to play with these little filters! They are easy to set up and use, and they're the best product I've tried to date!

I love how these are small so I can take them on trips. My kids love this stuff for allergies and they don't eat any peanut, tree or any other nut-based stuff when they're playing in the house at the same time!

I've bought about 5 of these in the past and have so far had one negative effect. My kids have had to try to pull this filter apart after it was set up on a table or on a counter and the tip stuck. They also get into the room and it has been getting hard for them to take this product off. This has happened 2 or 3 times and I will keep trying to get it off. I have a few other allergies but they haven't really taken care of them because they're just so small that they're easy to reach for (though I do notice the small one is much less hard) and the small size of the filter helps me get more product off at a time, as I've had to do a bit of hand-shaking (which can be painful if the small is a little close) and it just seems to help reduce some of these more sensitive allergies when I've used it on them.

I am so happy with this product! It is the perfect addition to my household air purifier. I have allergies to peanut, tree nuts and tree nuts and this was the only product that would make a difference. The only downside with this product is that it is too small for me to take it with me and my children, but that should be an over-all good.

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