1. What is Taplic ?

Taplic.com is a complete web service that allows you to publish your data (called taplogs) very easily using you mobile device.


2. What is Taplog ?

Taplog is a synonym of one data entry published in Taplic.com. We have called it "Tap-log" because you need only single tap to make it published. Every single taplog could contains:

- Picture from you mobile device built-in camera (or media file created elsewhere)

- Some text informations like Title and Description

- Date of making taplog

- GPS coordinates


If you want to publish a picture fast and you don't want to describle it directly in the phone you can publish it without those data. Later when you sit opposite to your PC with full-size keyboard you can fill missing description and comments.

Taplic.com site is fully functional and you can re-edit your taplogs here too.


3. What mobile devices do you support ?

At this moment we supported Google Andoird devices only. If other platform will be available we will announce this on taplic.com


4. How much does it cost ?

Taplic.com is 100% free (both web service and mobile application). There is no limits for size , transfer etc.


5. How to send private message - is it works like MMS with GPS seriously ?

Yes - even better. This is really cool feature. If you have unlimited Internet access from your device you can exchange private messages with photo and geo tag with your taplic's friends absolutely free


To send private message you need to:

1. Download Taplic from Google Market.

2. Create an account on Taplic.com

3. Invite some friends - because you can send private messages only to your taplic's friends.

4. Run Taplic application, tap New Private Message, select your friend, tap to make a picture, provide some description if you want and its DONE.

5. Your friend will receive an e-mail with notification - if next release there will be a separate background process that will be notifying you when the private message arrived


6. I don't have Android device - can I use taplic ?

Yes, of course - you can do everything on taplic.com like Andoird users do. However you don't have mobile app and you need to use main site - taplic.com and upload photos manually.


7. How to show my public profile to the others ?

Every taplic user will receive his own subdomain for his profile for free. In example if your login is johndoe, your personal taplic will be available under this URL: